Buddy Holly & The Birth of Rock N Roll



It’s common knowledge that Buddy Holly was a pioneer in the early days of rock and roll and was one of the most influential voices of the genre until his untimely death in 1959. Not only was he a top rate musician and singer, he also wrote his own material, which was highly unusual at a time when most performers were singing songs put together by professional teams of songwriters. His soaring harmonies and roaring solos turned rock and roll in a new direction and he became an inspiration to every musician following in his footsteps. The Buddy Holly and the Birth of Rock and Roll show features the work of Buddy in addition to other acts of the late 1950s and the music he inspired into the early 1960s. Mike Brock (Guitar and vocals), Dean Milano (Electric and upright bass and vocals), Chris Minardi (Guitar and vocals), Traci Abel (Vocals) and Bill Glisson (drums) perform the songs and you as the audience, get to sit back and enjoy!

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Jan 20 2018


08:00 PM



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Evanston Rocks

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